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Here, you can not only drink and buy many kinds of wine but taste as much as twenty brands.
The wine, using grapes cultivated in Japan and brewed in Japan, is called Japanese Wine.
TOMI WINE CHAPEL, or TWC, is a shop and restaurant for those who want to taste premium and authentic Japanese wine.
Here at TWC, you can drink the wine made in Nagano prefecture, which is a vibrant area for making authentic Japanese wine.
Please enjoy Japanese wine in the city of Tomi, the epicenter of “Chikumagawa Wine Valley”

What the Chikumagawa Wine Valley is about?

Nagano Prefecture is located in the middle of Honshu Island.
It is one of the iconic places of Japanese wine, where micro wineries have been
opened one after another, vying for the top in domestic production of wine grape.
The Chikumagawa Wine Valley is one of the areas of the wine production divided into four in Nagano Prefecture, and the area where the establishment of the winery is the most active.
City of Tomi is the center of the Chikumagawa Wine Valley.

Here at TWC, restaurant and wine shop; you can buy and drink all the wines made in Tomi.
You can also sample as many as twenty kinds of wine here at TWC,
A senior sommelier, wine stewards, is available for wine information. She conveys knowledge of wines made not only in Nagano but also in the world.
We are familiar with both Japanese and foreign-made wine and can explain from the macro viewpoint, including the current Japanese wine and Nagano wine tasting (charged).

Dishes, using locally grown ingredients, are cooked by a seasoned chef with more than 30 years of cooking experience.

Let’s visit neighboring wineries using Tomi Wine Chapel as the base!

It takes between 15 and 30 minutes by car to the wineries in Tomi.
It is about 20 minutes by car to the wineries in the city of Komoro and Ueda.
We arrange a taxi to pick you up. Advance reservation is required fo a full-sized taxi or a minibus.
On Saturdays , Sundays and national holidays, circuit bus that will take you on a tour of the city’s wineries will be available.

For more info, please visit the web-site of Tomi-shi Tourist Association .


Prices exclude consumption tax


Set menu


A la carte appetizer
¥500 and/or over
¥1,000 and/or over
Fish, meat dishes
¥1,600 and/or over
¥500 and/or over
Course dish
¥3,600 and/or over (prior reservation required)
Glass wine variety
¥400 and/ or over~
Wine (a full bottle)
¥2,400 and /or over~
Soft drink
¥400 and/or over


11:00 ~ 14:00 Last orders are 13:30
17:30 ~ 22:00 Last orders are 21:00
Wine shop
from 11:00 until closing time


Monday, Tuesday

*Irregular holidays during Golden Week, holiday period between April 29 and May 5, and summer time.
Please check our website for more info on holiday.


When using train

From Tokyo

One and half hours by bullet train from Tokyo Station to Ueda Station.
The nearest station is Tanaka, which is a station for Shinano Line.
Ten minutes from Ueda station to Tanaka station by local train.
Eight minutes by foot from Tanaka station to TWC.

From Nagoya

Approximately 3 hours by JR Limited Express Train “Shinano” from Nagoya Station to Shinonoi Station.
Change trains at Shinonoi to Shinano Line.
Forty minutes from Shinonoi station to Tanaka station by local train.

When driving using Jyoshinetsu Expressway

About 3.5 hours from Tokyo to Tobu-Yunomaru Exit.
Ten minutes’ drive from the exit to TWC.